The Demise Of Subetax

Here are the full copies of the fight that went down, and eventually caused the demise of Subetax.

On the 8th of May 2007, WikiChan posted the following:

Subeta is a site very much like gaia and neopets. It’s a quite inconspicuous site and anonymous would have never even known about it’s existence if it wasn’t for one thing. It all started when a new item showed up on Subeta, longcat. The subetafags began buying and trading longcat like a commodity. Many /b/tards where outraged, and they began few attacks and raids against subeta, nothing serious, just for the lulz.

As you can see here, Keith upset some people by the use of the Character “Longcat” and then allegedly began to taunt them. There is an¬†archived thread from the old 4chanarchive that you can find via, but it’s not something worth posting here due to the childish nature and abusive posts that the members left. I’m sure 10 years later, many of them would be embarrassed to have these comment resurface, so you can source out the archived thread yourself and have a laugh. Their site was also hacked and is now home to some obscure Japanese content! I guess what goes around comes around!

They then went on to say:

It might have ended here, if longcat had been removed, anonymous would have easily stopped his attacks and gone back to his daily dose of loli and desu. However, it was not to be. Subeta owner, Keith chose to defy anonym**s. He began a DDOS attack on 4**chan using Subeta IP addresses. On 27th of April he posted this message on

“We’ve been having some troubles all day today (nothing we can’t handle ), so to make up for it, the Donation Center has been filled with special items!

“The longcats are especially abundant.” ¬†

Haha, bloody hell Keith! If that isn’t poking the wasps nest, I don’t know what is!

If this wasn’t enough, Keith even had the audacity to post on 4chan and other *chans, taunting and laughing at anonymous and how they would not be able to defeat him. Keith was basically asking for raep and anonymous was not going to simply take these insults without taking action. The news spread through the *chans and anonymous has been awakened and he was pi**ed off. anonym**s began serious concentrated attacks on Subeta with DDOS attacks and vamp/leeching Subeta bandwidth. Which led to Subeta being down several times on 28th April. Keith continued to deny that the downtime had been caused by anonymous. As Subeta was down, anonymous rage continued to attack other targets, fansites like MysticalSubeta and SubetaDesigned were annihilated by the power of anonymous. Subeta eventually came back on and anonymous resumed his attacks.

The battle is still raging, Keith has refused to remove longcat, even though many Subetafags have had enough and wish an end to this madness.

As you can see here, these “holier than thou” internet bandits took the tone to a whole new level, although, with Keith’s actions, I’m hardly surprised!

After several other illegal/malicious activities by the chans against Keith occurred, Keith finally relented with this post on the 21st May 2007:

Longcat is GONE. It has been removed from the site, and Draconis has taken it’s place.

I’d like to take this time to issue an apology to you, the users. In the past month we have been handling a situation with multiple sites, over a silly 64×64 canvas filled with pixels. This was known to all of us as Longcat, and wasn’t an important item on the site.

The item caused confusion, and most of all it caused controversy on Subeta, as well as outside of Subeta. We kept fighting for Longcat and Subeta in hopes that it would protect the users, and make Subeta appear strong, and able to find off any attack. Whatever you’ve been told, keeping Longcat was never about pride, it was about keeping the site safe from internet terrorists now, and in the future.

We weren’t aware of the ability of one item to take down multiple fan-dedicated sites, and cause a legion of internet users to attack Subeta and it’s users, not only on Subeta, but on other sites. We asked all users to change passwords, and make changes to their internet lives that could have been spared, had the item not been kept up.

Some will look at this as a loss for Subeta, while we are viewing it as a definite win. We are able to continue about our business and create fun, exciting new things for all of you to do, and you are able to play Subeta without worrying about what is lurking, and who is really your friend.

Again, we all apologize for any problems that you may have experienced in the past month due to this little group of pixels, and we hope that all of you keep playing Subeta. The site is about you, the users, and would be nothing without you. We also want to extend an apology to any community outside of Subeta that has been affected by this, including the communities we were having this problem with – all of the chans. Hopefully we can all move on to things that are more important We also apologize for any actions we took that may have provoked the chans, including taunting or pushing them to make sure they knew we weren’t going to give up. All of this we accept as our fault, and we are apologizing to every party for.

Starting out the new features, is the Cult Revamp! Recoded to work much better, you can now create a cult and choose from a number of pre-made templates, which range from Angelic to Hydrus

We are leaving the comments on this post open, in hopes that everyone can play nice. We will disable that easy if need be.”

Unfortunately for Keith, however, it was too little too late. The websites damage had already been down and the site shutdown. Subeta does still exist and is currently being actively developed, but I won’t be linking to it from here. Just Google it!